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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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from the constituents of all parts of Great Britain to their representatives.
We go into mourning on Sunday for the old Empress Amelia10. Lord Chedworth11, one of three new peers, is dead. We hear the King of Sardinia is at Piacenza, to open the campaign. I shall be in continual fears lest they disturb you at Florence. My love to the Chutes, and my compliments to all my old acquaintance. I don't think I have forgot one of them. Patapan is entirely yours, and entirely handsome. Good night!
April 15, 1742.
THE great pleasure I receive from your letters is a little abated by my continually finding that they have been opened. It is a mortification, as it must restrain the freedom of our correspondence, and at a time when more than ever I must want to talk to you.
Your brother showed me a letter, which I approve extremely, yet do not think this a proper time for it; for there is not only no present prospect of any farther alterations, but, if there were, none that will give that person any interest. He really has lost himself so much, that it will be long before he can recover credit enough to do anybody any service. His childish and troublesome behaviour, particularly lately (but I will not mention instances, because I would not have it known whom I mean), has set him in the lowest light imaginable. I have desired your brother to keep your letter, and when we see a necessary or convenient opportunity, which I hope will not arrive, it shall
10 Widow of the Emperor Joseph. She was of the House of Wolfen-butteL
11 John Howe, created a Baron, 1741.    Walpole.